Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Where have I been?

Well then, it's certainly been a considerable amount of time since I've updated anything on here.
The reason for this is that I have been extremely busy and to be honest haven't made time for it. Which is a shame as I used to, and still do to be fair, love blogging and sharing my work and the work of others.

So why am I back now making this post? The simple reason is that I am making some big changes. I have been considering going a different way with this blog for a while now. At the moment I use blogger to host it which, without some serious messing around, limits how I can display things considerably. I intend to move the domain name to a different blogging site, maybe word press, maybe not. Basically one that gives me more freedom with the look and appearance of things.
This will likely take place over the Christmas period and into the new year when I have more time around uni and work to do it as it basically means a whole new HTML layout and what not.
This blog will likely still exist, but will revert back to a blogger name like or whatever the format is these days, it's been a while.

One of the main reasons for this change is a change in the content I display on this site. At present it's kind of all over the place with my various interests and I want to focus it more on to my video vlogging side of things a well as my interactions within that community. I also need to link it in with a production site I've had in mind for some time now that will be the home of all my professional work, but more on that once it comes to fruition, which at the moment could be any time with in the next year as I'm not rushing things as I want them to be right.

Take care everyone and thanks for reading. Big changes soon!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hatter Games is a go!

So, the gaming channel I have been planning is finally happening

The first Let's Play video went up on Friday and it was of Portal!
Lovely game!