Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ultramarine forces update

Finally got round to updating my Ultramarine Force Roster.

I have basically updated it from the random mess of lists and what not to a full list of all the active Ultramarine forces I have at present.
It looks a little something like this:

1st Company
Captain Severus Agemman, the Regent of Ultramar.
Chaplain Clausel.
Veteran Squad Tirusus.

Veteran Squad Gaius.

2nd Company
Cato Sicarius, Captain of the Ultramarines 2nd Company.
Chaplain Elianu Trajan.

Tactical Squad Vandar "The Victors".
Tactical Squad Octavian "Swords of Judgement".
Tactical Squad Solinus "The Indomitable".

Assault Squad Ixion "Macragge's Avengers".

Devastator Squad Atavian "The Titan Slayers".
Devastator Squad Tirian "Guilliman's Hammer".

Brother Ultracius.

Brother Agnathio.

10th Company
Scout squad Tenebrae 

Fennias Maxim, Master of the Forge.

Land Raider Crusader - Loricatus.

Vindicator - Angelus Perditionis.

Whirlwind - Ignis Caelo.

Predator - Gravis Matalli.

Transport Pool
Razorback - Ferrum.

Razorback - Lafette. 
Rhino - Vecture.
#3-C, currently designated for Dreadnought use.

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