Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekend wargames

Well the weekend just gone saw a Saturday filled with Ogres, stunties, betrayal (by me MUHAHAHHA) and  lots of grunts from the massed tribes and a Sunday of odd ships and land craft fighting it out in the south.

Went to my friend Sam's place for a weekend of wargaming and Mark and Ben climbed from the Hull flat lands to join us here in the mountains.
Sam organised the whole event with Saturday seeing the combined Ogre tribes of me, Ben and Mark take on Sam's Dwarves who were guarding a fortress.
Little did Ben and Mark realise that I had in fact been hired by the Empire to take out the Ogre assault force and save the Dwarves. And since Tyrant Bulcrunch likes his gold and the flavour of other Tyrants he decided to honour the agreement.

The siege used the rules from the Blood in the Badlands book which turned out to be really nice. There were a few changes thrown in by Sam to keep to Ben and Marks army background....which made me think that I should really at least make a show of writing my own.

In the end me and Mark took a joint win. Me because I killed 5 Ogre units outside the wall, which was my way to gain points (1 per unit) and Mark because he held 5 towers/wall sections.
Sam held out well against the assault, but me shooting him a smidge and then when he shot back getting suitably annoyed Ogre style and going after him (our alliance went well you see), and then Marks assault on the other side of his walls saw the defences give eventually. Marks giant throwing his Ogres over the wall on to the far towers to capture them also didn't help haha!
Ben needed to take towers and walls also to gain points, and since he spent all game systematically killing my 'traitor' units, as well as stealing my Ogres (his special challenge rules) he didn't get round to that to gain any points.

I was a spectator Sunday as the guys played some Dystopian wars. All three of them had a sea battle at 1500pts each and then Sam and Ben had a 750pts land battle at the same time.
 They were fighting over the sea ports and lands of South America, well at least part of it, and due to the size it allowed me to get a really over view of the game and assess whether or not to finally invest in an army which is something I have been thinking about for a few months now.
Really enjoyed watching the game, learnt a bit about the rules, and found that I really do want to start a force.
I have been thinking of either Covenant of Antarctica or Prussia, and since Ben already collects Prussia that was the choice made. The Covenant of Techno Mega-Nurds it is, which is fine by me.

Should allow me to join the guys in their little fluff campaign they have for the whole thing...of course I wont have an Empire, but being the UN of the world and bringing peace by killing everyone seems like a good idea. Create my own little 'liberated zone' protect the people you understand.


  1. Thanks for coming along. was a really fun weekend.

    On the subject of dystopian, I'm glad that our cobbled together knowlege of the games has got you interested.

    I'll look forward to killing your Covenant of Techno Mega-Nurds.

    I really hate boffins!!!

  2. Thanks for organising it. Twas indeed much fun.
    Of course you do! You play the states, its all about big guns and bravado from them lot!