Monday, 9 January 2012


Welcome to my new wargaming blog.
I have created this area to bring together all my wargaming progress in to one place making life much easier.
I will still be keeping my Ultramar and Necron blogs open, but they are now all accessible from here through the links above.
This blog its self will house any further projects out side of Ultramar, this includes Fantasy to BFG and beyond.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you will keep coming back to check in.



  1. Makes sense bringing them all under one roof so to speak, having to update and keep adding to 3 separate blogs can be a nightmare.
    Looking forward to some more posts soon.

  2. I may still keep the other two updated, but it will literally be a case of copying from here. That's more me wanting completeness than anything else. And not all that much work.

    I will be adding to here fairly shortly so keep your eyes peeled.