Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Covenant of Antarctica

My Covenant of Antarctica box sets arrived today.
And I have to say  I am very pleased by the quality of the models and the quality of the service provided by Spartan Games.

I ordered the boxes as a set deal from the Spartan shop its self rather than a third party as it didn't work out any more expensive.
They were prompt with processing, no fuss (not like some other suppliers I have dealt with recently) and when they realised they didn't have the stock for the Tiny Flyers stat card that was meant to come with it they acted fast. They posted what they did have, and sent me a lovely little note along with the package explaining the situation and stating they will post me a CoA:TF stat card as soon as they can.
That is how you are meant to deal with orders when you don't have everything....take note you other online model retailers!

I have so far unboxed the Armoured battle group, and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the models and amount of bits you get for the price.

All in all I paid £62 for both of the above box sets, this includes shipment.
From the Armoured Battle Group you get:
-1x Heavy Walker
-6x Medium Walkers
-3x Bombards
-10x Small tank tokens
-40 page faction book
-Stat cards for all the above units
-A full set of movement, blast and status templates

From the Naval Battle Group you get:
-1x Battleship
-3x Cruisers
-9x Frigates
-2x Bombers
-10x Tiny flyer tokens
-40 page faction book
-Stat cards for all the above units
-A full set of movement, blast and status templates

Having two copies of the faction book in there isn't really an issue  as its nice to have a spare and the reasoning for it is because the box sets can be bought separately. And having two lots of templates is just a bonus.

Gives me a good solid base with which to start my forces up and march forth from the cold realms to show the rest of the world how powerful science nurds can be!


  1. I just went for the Naval battle group but I'm the same as you Chris, the models are very good quality with very little flash/ mold lines present.
    Im just struggling to come up with a colour scheme that I'm happy with.

  2. Ah yes, I remember seeing a post on your blog about that some time back. Got any further along with that? Like any more paint ideas at least?

    I reckon something simple and to the point will be best for CoV. I am fairly certain on a colour scheme I want, just need to test it to see if what I have in the old brain actually comes out well on the plastic.

    The plan is to base coat in white, paint all the exposed pistons and superstructure bits boltgun metal, a few well picked panels getting a coat of light grey. Then wash the grey and metal with black wash and the white with blue wash. May add some brass colouring to some of the energy guns as well.
    Add a few details to this (windows, lights etc. etc.) and see how it looks.
    Going to do a medium walker and perhaps a frigate to see how it looks first and get some feed back. Will of course have snow and ice bases.
    The idea behind the scheme is that as scientist they would make the machines that were efficient and to the point. The right camo for where they are, limited fuss.

    See how it looks aye?