Saturday, 11 February 2012

Plato Class Cruiser Squadron

Well after getting positive feed back from a couple of people and also liking it my self I decided that this was the paint scheme for me and continued the painting.

I sat down today and painted up the other two Plato Class Cruisers and also went ahead and did all 12 of the energy turrets (from various units) in one big batch.

Fairly pleased with how they came out, certainly look a lot better next to each other and with some turrets on them rather than just little gaps.

 The turrets aren't stuck down, meaning I can fit them with normal turrets instead of the energy ones if I want to or the need arises.

Cant wait to get on with the rest of my forces and get a game in now!
Will likely paint the normal gun turrets next, mainly to get it out of the way, and then moved on to my remaining 8 Diogenes Class Frigates. Plan to finish up the Navel side of things before moving to the land forces.


  1. Damn now your making me feel guilty for giving up on my DW models.
    Looking good Chris, just wish I could get a camo scheme I was happy with.

  2. Haha, thanks and I'm sure you'll get back to yours.
    I avoided the camo root for two reasons. 1) Every attempt I have ever made at painting camp ended VERY badly. 2) Since when do the frozen planes and ice clogged waterways of Antarctica have stripes? =P
    Really didn't like the idea of the traditional camo for them. Hence the white.