Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Eldar Webway Gate WIP#2

Well I have done a bit more work on my Eldar Webway Gates.

I come them paper-mache'd up last night so that they would dry for today and then got them painted up today.
Sprayed them white with a bit of touch up using poster paint and then did the bases with brown poster paint....

The bases don't need a colour really as they are going to completely flocked, but I figured it couldn't hurt on the off chance that some of it shows through.
I also threw together some gems for the sides out of green stuff and card and will paint them up in green once the white and brown dries. 

Not the best it has to be said, as in an ideal world they would be made out of plastacard, but I'm not that good with the stuff and I also don't have the time.
This method should produce a good enough quality product for a good table top feel, and that's what I am after. 

I am considering black pin striping around the edge of the curve of the gate for a bit of added details but am unsure at the moment, what do you guys think?

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