Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Eldar Webway Gates Complete

Finished up the Eldar Webway Gates I have been working on over the last few days.

Got them based and the final bit of paint on there.

I have used normal static grass for the main basing material and then got some spring tufts thrown in for a bit of variety.
   Got one of my Necron Warriors in there for scale.


  1. Not bad for a first try m8, and tbh you dont wanna be spending too much time making scenery. but what you have done here will add to the feel of the game.

  2. True, the issue is I will be having to spent a fair bit of time on it over the next few months. Have multiple bits and bobs to make. Luckily only about 10 more bits are of any real size. And I have my way 4 of those will end up being GW woods anyway.

    Really need to get through the last 15/16 marines I have to paint as well. Just so they are done for now and I can concentrate full focus else where. Ah the life of a hobbyist, there is always another thing that needs doing. Haha!

  3. Looking nice bud, looks like the spring weekend will be a pretty one. Ill look at getting the army info to you asap too.

  4. Thanks Ben, I hope so.

    That would be grand, can sort out the army lists then.

    Only need to finish the Kill Team Codex amendments and write those lists and then the admin side is pretty much done.

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