Sunday, 11 March 2012

From doubles and other ventures

 Well I have ventured forth from the safety of the bunker to take part in a few bits and bobs recently, and I realised today that I really ought to post up about them hadn't I.

First off was the recent trip to GW HQ for the Warhammer 40k Doubles weekend.
I teamed up with Sam and his Praetorian Guard (which BTW is a beautiful army) and had a fantastic weekend. Our two forces worked well together to make a solid army and it was fun for the most part as well which is the main thing!

The forces we took consisted of:

  • Chaplain Clausel in Terminator armour
  • Assault Terminator Squad Tirusus 
  • Tactical Squad Vandar with missile launcher and flamer
  • Razorback Ferrum with twin-linked lascannon  
  • Tactical Squad Octavian with missile launcher and meltagun
  • Razorback Lafette with twin-linked lascannon 
83rd Praetorian Light Company with support from 63rd Praetorian Artillery: 
  • 83rd Praetorian Company Command with 2 snipers, and autocannon and the master of the ordnance 
  • 83rd Praetorian, 4th Platoon:
    -Platoon Command with 3 flamers and an autocannon
    -3x Platoon Infantry Squads
    -Platoon Specialists with 3 lascannons
    -Platoon Specialists with 3 missile launchers
  • 63rd Praetorian Artillery Flak Tank 
  • 2x 63rd Praetorian Artillery Medusa's
The Praetorians
The whole army
Battle line
Rest of the battle line

 Didn'd take too many photos over the weekend, partly due to forgetting and partly due to beer being more important.

Over the weekend we got 2 wins and 3 losses.

Game one was against two lovely Ork players whos team name was 'Mad Maz and the Riders of the Orkpocalypse'. Their army was the only one I took photos off, it was particularly impressive and they were also sound blokes. Pictures below:

The game against them went well and we pulled out a fairly resounding win. Partly due to some brilliant Praetorian shooting utterly decimating the Ork bikers (that can be seen in that 3rd picture) in turn one, which saved our bacon from lots of melee, and also due to my Terminators refusing to die despite epic amounts of fire power being thrown at them. Good lads all round on the Imperiums part.

Game two was against another lot of Orks, this time it was an absolute horde of them, 160 Orks in total as well as a lot of Kans and a Dread. All taking advantage of two Mek Boys KFF's. 
As I am sure Sam will very much agree, the players weren't the best, basically trying to teach us how to play our own armies all game, much to our annoyance. But other than that it wasn't a bad game. We didn't get completely wiped even considering how out numbered we were, and despite loosing I was happy with our performance. 

Game three was against an Grey Knights and Imperial Guard combined army. And as anyone who knows me will be aware of, I think the GK codex is one of the biggest issues with this edition of 40K, it has effectively ruined any game that involves it. The guys them selves weren't too bad, neither was the game, despite my automatic annoyance at GKs making me less of a receptive person to niceness in general. Was a good game, which we did loose, but such is the way of things.

Game four on the Sunday morning was against a Tau and a Dark Eldar alliance, we came away with a win but only just. The game was VERY close right to the end and if it hadn't ended on turn 6 I think it may have gone to other way. Both the opponents were very friendly and their armies solid. Great game and it would be interesting to play again just to see if the out come would be different, got to love a close game like this one no matter if you win or loose. 

Game five was against a Blood Angels and Black Templar combo. Their army was solid and the guys weren't too bad, but I think everyone was a little too tired after a weekend of gaming to really be fully focused on the game. We came away with a resounding loss, but it was a good game despite that and the tiredness of all.

In other news I am in a Fantasy campaign based in the Dark Lands with Ben, Mark and Sam at present. It is based around the Blood in the Badlands supplement rules but a few changes have been made to make it work better for us. 

We have only completed turn one at present and are making a start on turn two, but so far things look good. It should give us some story to drive our games of Fantasy over the next year and a bit and it is also pushing me to write some more about my Ogre tribe. More to come on that over the next week or so as I finally get round to creating them their own page.

The map at present looks like this:

I will be looking for a win fairly soon as my first game against Sams Skaven went terribly. Had a great game, but lets just say my Tribe is missing more Ogre Bulls than I would like right now.

Tyrant Guthammer will be out for vengeance and some roast ratman for lunch me thinks.

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