Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ogre Butcher and Slaughtermaster WIP#1

Picked up a Slaughtermaster kit the other day, got it home to construct and realised that you get rather a lot of optional arms, heads and other bits and bobs. So this made me decide to pull out a spare ogre torso I had and build my self a Butcher as well. My first major conversion, but you have to start somewhere right?

As with most of the other finecast kits I have had the Slaughtermaster model was free from any major defects and required very little in the way of filling.

So I picked my choices for arms and heads, and of course Cecil the lucky Gnoblar, and put him together.
The end result is my tribes Slaughtermaster Groxhide Gutquelch coming in to existence.

The quick and easy part of the venture over I had to think of how I wanted my Butcher to look. In the end I opted for a apron wearing, dinner tray wielding, hammer holding, meat in the front pocket brute I have decided to call Gratface Gubeater.

Here are some pictures of the work so far.



  1. lol,

    Dinner for one, coming up. I really like this Chris will be good to see the finished product.

  2. Not a bad effort at all bud, nice work. I shall look forward to blowing them to bits in the Dark Lands ;)