Monday, 19 March 2012

Scout Squad Tenebrae - Complete

The Squad Sergeant
The efforts of a sleepness night saw me get my first squad of Scouts finished. As you will see from the previous WIP post these are some Scouts I have had built for some time but never used much.

Hopefully now they are painted up it will inspire me to use them more. I should, as they are effective for the points.

 And some more pictures of the chaps.

 I am happy with the result, I think they have a suitably stealthy feel to them whilst still clearly being Ultramarines.
Didn't take as long as I thought either. Maybe my painting ability is finally speeding up with out dramatically loosing quality? *shrug*


  1. looking nice!

    I think you could do with five more mind

  2. I am aiming for a 10 man squad, probably wit Telion as well. Don't want to buy Telion whilst he is still metal though.