Friday, 16 March 2012

Ultramarine Scouts with Missile Launcher WIP#1

Well I have had my 5 man Scout Squad with Missile Launcher constructed and undercoated for going on a year and a half. But as I rarely used them I never got round to painting them....however I realised recently that these days the reason why I don't use them is because they're not painted. I have considered them many times, but then thought "the rest of my army is painted, so I cant take my Scouts and ruin that".

Realising this, I have decided that I should pull my finger out and give them the paint they deserve.

So far I have got the boots and camo cloaks done (the missile launcher having his cloak folded up as you wouldn't want to be setting that on fire with the back wash now would you), the fatigues more or less done, and I have based and washed the armour .
Will be putting the highlights on the armour and getting on with the heads next. Then do the guns and metal sections followed by the bases. I was aiming to have these done by Sunday for a big 4250pts game I am having with a friend, but I don't think I'll have the time, we will see. They are getting fielded either way.

I have also made a start on my Master of the Forge, but at present all that is happening there is the base red coat and a little wash. Will post up a progress report once I have some more done.  Likely after the armour highlights as I am still not overly confident with my red highlighting skills and will be wanting opinions before I do the rest of the model.

Thanks for reading.
Happy hobbying.

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