Saturday, 28 April 2012

Necron 2nd Wave Pre-Order

Well as some of you may have noticed GW have thrown an update up advising that the 2nd Wave of Necron models are available for pre-order.


Which is all great but.....

...where are the fliers?

The main transport option for the Elite units in the army and they still have not arrived.

Whilst I am over joyed to see new Canoptek Wraith models(which are beautiful B.T.W.), and the Tomb Blades look fantastic, I still can't justify/am unable to building my desired Necron army.
Yes I could go ahead and make a more foot slogger army for the time being, but it would just mean buying more models of certain types than I ultimately need all to build an army that doesn't fit with my fluff and I do not want.
And not surprisingly I am not wanting to spend my money doing that when there are things out there that I actually want.

I need to be able to get those Night Scythes and use them to deploy my Elite melee troops, I need to be able to drop down and melt my foes with my Doom Scythes. Its what a rapid assault, airborne, space owning bunch of mechanical winners require.

Its very disappointing, as I have been looking forward to this new release being something to raise the spirits a bit and allow me to jump head first in to my Cron force. But no, instead the energy driving my Necron train forward is diminished further.

I was considering getting to work on the bits of the army I can currently get, even though I could never use them as a viable force, but even that idea has been washed aside now.


  1. If you listen to the rumors then wait til the supposed Summer(or Autumn) of Fliers when they should be released with a bunch of other fliers for the other races too.....makes sense that it will be happening if the necrons didn't get theirs with the rest of their stuff.

  2. Aye, I have heard that. And whilst it is all well and good doing a bit fliers event it really doesn't make sense to hold out here.
    The problem is that the fliers in this case aren't just an extra unit to taken for something different, they are the transport for the Elites, and since there isn't an option to put them in the only available current transport it makes then hard to use.
    Don't see Stormravens being left out, despite other options for transport being available for their units.

  3. Whats the wait of maybe 6 months compared to the millions of years these guys have been slumbering? The necrons flyers are coming m8, just have to wait for the reactivation protocols to kick in.
    Typical really as I've just invested in Dust Warefare/ Tactics models lol, oh well. TBH the Triarch Stalker was the only model I was still waiting for, but I must admit they are all looking very nice, especially those Tomb Blades....

  4. Well if you put it that way....

    But still, I was really motivated for them at the start of the year, and that has just fallen away rapidly towards where I am at now.
    Have even considered getting my drop pod marine army sorted before looking at them. And that was meant to be a long term project.

    I get the feeling you may randomly have tomb blades the next time I see you.
    Not that you need them as your army worked bloody well!
    You had the chance to try it out against any none marine fodder yet?

  5. No its packed up atm, back in the deep slumber of the Necrons gathering dust till my housework/ redesign is finished. Im almost 50% done now, with a new computer/ study finished. Next up is the walk-in wardrobe for the wife to keep her happy, then a final room which wont take too long to do as all I'm doing is putting some laminate flooring down and mirroring a wall to make it into a dance/ gaming room. Then I aim to sit down and work my way through finishing off painting my Necrons and of course getting that Triarch Stalker model. I think I will wait for the 6th edition before building/ collecting any Tomb blades as I have a shit load of Destroyers that I want to try out. As to playing against any non marine armies the answer is no, the last game I played was against your Ultramarines. I did think about breaking them out again for a match up with you when I saw your game advert on Hulls Angels but the thought of having to climb past two wardrobes, and bed full of clothes and various other crap defeated me.
    But I will be back with the Necrons this is just another glitch to be worked out in there re-animation protocols lol

  6. Ah yes, I forgot you were renovating. Hope it is all going well. The plans certainly sound good.

    I can't blame you for not wanting to clamber past all that! No thank you!
    Give me a shout when you are next up for a game though, but good to face off against them again. I have just sold my bike so am thinking of sinking a little bit of cash in to some drop pods so depend on time scale you may or may not face a completely different force. Who knows.

  7. I like drop pod themed armies, very striking and just what for me Space Marines are all about. It will be a hard army to counter for the first few turns, whats more they seem to have fallen out of favour recently so not too many about. Will be interesting to see how many drop pods you can actually fit in 1800 points.

  8. Well 4 tactical squads, 2 dreadnoughts and a captain and some sternguard, so 7. Change out what's what and you are looking at 6-8 pods. That's if I do it pure drop pod and no terminators using beacons or anything.