Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Terrain update

Hallo bloggers.
Just a small update about the terrain I have been working on.
I have finished up my Citadel hill, my first wood and also a fair few bits for my Eldar spring event. Most of the Eldar stuff is staying in the cupboard until the event. Bit of a surprise and all that.

 Pictures after the break....

Pictures seem to have made the leaves and trunks seem darker than in real life.
Here we have one of two identical Eldar wall sections I have made.
And here it is with one of my Webway gates.
I have also nearly finished an Eldar bunker that I have been doing some work on; I just need to wait for the flocking glue to dry and then seal it.

Also my Eldar weapon turrets from eBay have arrived today along with my spare heavy weapons so I can start my custom turrets and also paint up the normal ones.
It's all coming along nicely.

Just need to find time and space to finish up my Eldar inner sanctum and time and space to flock my battle board and I am nearly done.

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