Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Unsealing the hatch for some fresh air

Well I haven't posted in some time, mainly due to real life smashing me in the face with a Thunder Hammer. But here isn't the place for such things.

I have managed to get a little bit of Hobby work done over the last month, but not as much as I need to. I have managed to get a fair few games in though, good distraction, so thanks a lot to Sam, Mark, Ben and Leon for that.

So, what have I been up to?

●I picked up a Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard and also a Citadel Wood and have painted the rocks up and got the brown base coat on the rest of the surfaces. Just need to flock the whole thing and paint the trees....I have a feeling I will be needing much more flock.
●I also made a fairly good start on the rest of the Eldar terrain for my Spring event. I have sorted out making the clay shapes for the power units, just need to sort a simple, repeatable bracket they can mount on and be removed from when destroyed and paint it all. I also started the disruption units, just need to base them before paint. As well as this I got the walls on the main (big) building, got some simple walls sorted, and made a start on a bunker as I found a (IMO) very Eldar looking dome and just had to use it.  I will post some WIP's up if I find time. If not then look out for the completed posts as they come in.
●Made a start on painting Cato, Tigurius, and a Master of the Forge model. So hope to have them done fairly soon.
●Picked up Calgar and his Honour Guard in finecast and got them built. Was impressed by the quality of the casting and how easy they all when together. A few minor bubbles but nothing to write home about.
●Also under coated some more CoA models, but haven't had the time to paint them yet.
●Completed the custom Kill Team rules I have been working on and have also done the amendments for 4 codices and am working on the rest. So wont be long before that's finished.

Thanks for reading, and I will try and get some WIP's and stuff up as soon as I can.

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