Saturday, 23 June 2012

Night/Doom Scythe WIP#1

I have been working on my Night/Doom Scythe kit for about a week now. Not had as much time as I would like to throw at it but I have been making some progress.

I really enjoyed building the kit, its really well designed and really easy to assemble. One feature I really like is that the portal and ray can be changed out easily with out magnets provided you don't glue it and build both features.

I got it all built up, base included, fairly quickly and started planning the paint. Having only painted two basic test miniatures for my cron force so far (a warrior and a scarab base, see HERE) I knew the basic colour scheme but was not sure how to enlarge it to this scale. One thing that did not come up with the warrior or scarabs was the colour to use for the senior troops/leaders and vehicles. This of course did some up here. My initial plan was to go with silver, but I decided to add some gold in there instead. I think it goes with the black, grey and red scheme better and I am really happy with the result thus far.

 A bee decided it wanted in on the action when I was painting the other night. Nearly squashed the poor guy as I didn't see him and went to grab the model. Luckily he buzzed, so I put him outside safely.
Cheeky bee.

This was the base coat for the gold. Gehenna's gold with a sepia wash.

As you can see in this picture I have left the top plate off for ease of painting, I will glue it down once I get the cockpit painted.

This is the gold once it had a Auric armour gold thin layer and then a heavy highlight of the same. I them topped it off with a highlight of Runefang steel.

Not painted gold on such a large scale before and I am rather pleased with how it came out. I think it has a fairly realistic feel to it. Thoughts/tips?

I was up early this morning so decided to put some time in on the Scythe  before heading off for some wargaming.

Got the red glyphs done and the vents.
Still need to put a bit of wash on the bigger areas of red though.

I have placed the top plate on for the pictures but it is still not glued down and can easily be removed.

Alternate shot to the rear of the model, you can see the finished Necron deck plating base I made here. It matches/will match the bases for the rest of the army and I think it is effective for how simple it is.

You can't see it here very well but the squares and beams are all in plastic card and are raised off the floor.

Front shot, the sensor pod is not attached as it can only be put on once the top plate is in place so that's what the gap in the hull below the pilot is.

Also you can see the 'filling' in the middle of the wings here, I have used the same gold technique as the engines above.


  1. very nice m8, loving the red on black. Well done

  2. Really like the red, nice and vibrant.

  3. Very nice sir! I wasn't sold on the red and black of the test trooper but this vehicle has swayed me. Bravo!

  4. Thanks guys.
    Got the cockpit finished up last night and the top plate glued on. So just the grey edging to do and the weaponry underneath. Should be done fairly soon.