Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Ultramarines vs. Necrons - 5th July 2012' and my verdict on 6th so far

Well I headed on over to Hulls Angels for a game of 6th Edition against Skaltar and his Necrons on the 5th. (late posting the report as I have been away for the last week).
First off I'd like to say thanks to Skal for the game, really enjoyed it, and look forward to another game once I have chance to changes things up a little bit.

I learnt a lot about what bits in my current build don't work any more and which do. Well at least against the Crons. Will take what I learnt, and have some games against other armies and work towards a new build. Already got some plans for that.

Well anyway, here is what happened on the 5th :)

Deployment Type: Dawn of War
Mission: Crusade, 4 objectives.
Armies: Ultramarines (Space Marine Codex) vs. Necrons

I took: 
-Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius
-Terminators with Cyclone missile launcher 
-Assault Terminators (held in reserve)
-Two Tactical squads in Rhinos
-One Tactical squad on foot
-Ironclad in a drop pod
-Assault squad

Skal took (may have some of this wrong, sorry if so):
-Overlord on Catacomb Command Barge
-Destroyer Lord
-2 Annihilation Barge
-Two warrior squads (one large, one small) both with Ghost Arks
-One warrior squad on foot
-Scarab Swarm
-Destroyer squad
-Triarch Stalker

Turn 1
I got turn 1, and Skal couldn't steal the initiative from me.

My Dreadnought arrived via its pod along Skals flank and attempted to damage some vehicles, of course failing miserably.
My Rhinos charged forward full pelt knowing full well that they would be burning wrecks soon enough.

My Assault marines and Terminators with Varro attached moved down the centre of the board in and around a ruin.
My Squad on foot positioned themselves in the ruins on my side of the board.

Skal, in response to me having a terrible shooting phase with nothing happening came at my with all guns blazing.
He surrounded my Rhinos and prepared to blow them to kitty kibble.
The Command Barge and one of the Annihilation Barges turned on my Dreadnought.
In the shooting phase one of my Rhinos was wrecked and some of the marines killed.
In the assault phase the other Rhino got Wrecked by the Scarabs and the Dreadnought was taken out by the Overlord and his Warscythe.

Turn 2
My turn two saw my Terminators in reserve stay there, helpful chaps that they are.

I moved my Assault marines and Terminators with Varro forward and shot with them and the Tactical marines.
The larger remaining Tactical marines shot at the Empty ark and chipped off two hull points with a snap fired Multimelta and a Meltagun. The lascannon squad from the on foot marines chipped off a hull point from the Stalker.

The assault phase saw my assault marines take out one of the Annihilation Barges and the smaller tactical squad assaulted the damaged Ark causing it to explode.

In Nicks turn two he charged over his Ark with the warriors towards my objectives and moves his Scarabs around the ruined Rhino's towards my Tactical marines.

The Tactical marines got shot to bits rather badly and then one squad got assaulted by the Scarabs.
This left just my sergeant to hold off against the swarm...which he didn't manage.

The Overlord assaulted my Assault marines and took them out with a few sweeps of his Scythe.

Turn 3
My assault terminators arrived turn 3 and I placed them just in front of my objectives but they scattered  away a short way.

My Lascannon took care of the remaining Ark depositing the warriors it was carrying in open ground.

My Tactical marines shot with pistols and assaulted the remaining Scarabs taking out a total of three bases.

The Terminators with Varro attached assaulted the warriors with the Destroyer Lord attachment and to try out the rules for it I declared a challenge with Varro, which was accepted. I knew from the get go it was unlikely to go well, but he had a mild chance and it was fun to learn how it worked.

The results of that saw Varro and the Lord still alive and kicking but with Varro one wound down. Some how my Terminators managed to do a grand total of naff all to the warriors, well at least not enough to make them run, only taking out a couple.

Nicks turn three saw him swing round with his Overlord in the Barge and assault in to the back of the Terminator/warrior combat to help out there. The remaining Annihiliation Barge and the destroyers shot at my Assault terminators and killed a few of them.

In the assault phase the Terminators got slaughtered by the Overlord and his lovely Warscythe (love those sticks of death) and Varro lost to the Destroyer Lord. 
The remaining one Terminator fled from this combat and all Skals troops consolidated up. 
The Scarab v Tactical combat continued.

Turn 4
My turn 4 involved my remaining normal Terminator rallying and moving back towards to the fight closely followed by three Assault Terminators.
My shooting was rather ineffective only managing to shake the Overlords Barge.

In my assault phase I charged the destroyers with all my Terminators, this resulted in the destroyers being completely wiped out.
The Scarab combat again continued.....just couldn't shift them little critters.

Skals turn 4 saw him surround the Terminators that just wiped his Destroyers and prepare to show them what for.
This resulted in all the Terminators being killed either by shooting or assaults.
As for the scarab combat...well that went on again...

Turn 5
My turn 5 saw me Wreck the walker and FINALLY kill the little scarab buggers.
This allowed me to consolidate back towards my objectives and do my best to make my position strong with what little I had left.

Skal moved round with some of his faster remaining units and shot at me in turn 5 killing some of the marines holding my objective and making the other marines flee towards my board edge.

Turn 6 
My turn 6 saw me run my remaining two marines round the back to try and reach the second objective in my area. They didn't reach with a bad run roll but were close.
The Lascannon shot at the Overlords Barge taking a hull point.

Skals turn 6 had him bring his barges round the back of the ruins I was holding.
The Overlord and his Barge assaulted my Tactical marines, but I snap fired the meltagun and blew it up. This of courser resulted in the marine sergeant getting killed.

Turn 7
I had little left to use by this point, but I did manage to take a wound of the Lord, although he did save the lascannon shot with his phase shifter so no instant death there... *sad face*

Skal then opened up with what he had left, and through a combination of poor rolling for armour saves and BRILLIANT rolls from him he removed the last of my forces resulting in an auto win for the Crons due to no enemy forces remaining.

Result: Necron Victory.
We did go ahead and work out the victory points though just because we could and they came out as 7-1 to the Crons. 6 points went to the crons for two objectives (3 per) and 1 for killing my warlord. I can't actually remember where we got 1 for me from...but that's what we wrote down when working it out...=S

A brilliant game, really enjoyed playing with the new rules, and I think it made for a much for cinematic game which plays out a lot more like I think it should.

My verdict on 6th edition so far
Personally, I love the new rules. I have had a look around at some of the moaning and such on-line, but to be honest a lot of it just seems to be people looking for issues and making the small ones seem bigger than they actually are. Typical on-line nonsense really.

Granted there are a few things I think could have been done better, but there is a bit of that in anything as its rare that something makes everyone 100% happy. But its nothing major or game breaking IMO.

As a player who hates the win at any cost attitude towards gaming, as it just sucks the fun out of it all, I am a little worried about how WAAC players will treat the fortifications and allies sections to completely take advantage of certain situations. But as I point blank refuse to play people like that in my community and I don't really go to major tournaments it shouldn't be an issue for me. I can just laugh at their fail attitudes and move on with my games.

I want to get some more games in before writing a proper review of what I do and do not like and what I think of the whole thing in some depth so look out for that. But so far its looking great.


  1. Hi Angry,

    It was a good game, a few things I realised when I got home tho.
    1) make sure you bring all of your force to a game. My Necron Immortals were most put out with me for leaving them out of the game.
    2) First kill gains you a VP. Thats where your victory point came from I think (for destroying my Ghost Ark).
    Apart from that it was a very good game, especially for the Necrons. I had 2 min squads (5) with the Ghost Arks and a large squad (18) with the Destroyer Lord.
    I think the reserves screwed you up abit. If the Assault Terminators had arrived I would have been under more pressure sooner on in the game and once in assault there probally wouldnt have been much to stop them.
    Still it was a good learning session, even if it went on for an epic 7 turns.
    Thanks for the game bud.

    1. Ah, hadn't realised you had Immortals as well XD
      Yeah, you may want to remember them next time haha!

      Aye, perhaps if the Assault terminators had arrived a little sooner, but that's the risk to take with reserves. Even if it is less of a risk with the nice 3+ arrival now.

  2. lol so Nick steam rollered you with less points! nah, he's good so you did well to keep in the hunt.

    yeah, good write up

  3. Glad to see being tabled hasn't disheartened you mate. From what I saw of it, it seemed to be a very light hearted enjoyable game, something that seems to be sorely missing of late.

    I'm sure next time the Necrons will be on the receiving end of some hurt.

    1. That is something I have noted about the new rules. Even when something terrible happens, it usually happens in such a way that you can't feel sad or angry about it. Its great.