Friday, 17 August 2012

2012 Charity Tournament at Hull Angels - Planning

I have entered in to the Hulls Angels Charity Tournament again this year which is on the 15th of September. This year it is being held to raise money for the Radiotherapy ward at Castle Hill, a great cause that I am happy to contribute towards. You never know, I may even win the raffle again!!

I of course entered with my Marines. I did consider entering my Necrons for it, but I didn't want to rush them that much. This will be the first 6th Edition tournament I have taken part in, so that should be interesting to say the least!!

For the event I am going to be using a new list which I have been working on. Sadly at this event it will not all be painted as it normally is, I just don't have the time to get through it all. I will of course be pushing to get as much painted as possible.

The list I intend to use has been slowly building for some time and at the weekend I will be play testing what I hope is the final thing.  Will have to see how it preforms before I can say for certain though.

What my testing to now has resulted in is this:

-Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius - 230. He will be using the spells from the Marine codex for this tournament. The reason being is that you have to generate the spells at the start of the day and keep them all day for all battles for some reason or other. And a bad generation roll will just ruin the entire day, so no thank you to that nonsense.
-Chaplain Numitor (Terminator Chaplain) - 135

-Veteran Squad Tirusus (Assault Terminators) -240
-Brother Ultracus (Ironclad), in drop pod - 215

-Vandar "The Victors" (Tactical Marines) melta/multimelta, in drop pod - 245
-Octavian "Swords of Judgement" (Tactical Marines) melta/multimelta, in drop pod - 245
-Solinus "The Indomitable" (Tactical Marines) plasma/missile, in drop pod - 245
-Manorian "The Shield Bearers" (Tactical Marines) plasma/missile, in drop pod - 245

Total: 1800 points.

It is basically a null deployment list. All the drop pods being forced in to reserve and the Terminators making a deep strike assault allowing them to be forced in to reserve also.

With the new 3+ arrival from turn 2 along with half my pods (which will be 3, rounding up, in this case) arriving turn one it should mean my forces don't arrive in bits, which is always nice.

 What do you guys think?

Thanks for  reading.

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  1. This will be fun. I would love to go there and witness how the tournament goes on.
    Feeding the Homeless Ft. Lauderdale