Monday, 20 August 2012

2012 Charity Tournament at Hull Angels - Planning Part 2

Well as stated in my last post I have entered in to the Hulls Angels Charity Tournament on the 15th of September this year.
I got to play testing the list from my previous post this weekend against Snorri and found that I got completely mangled. I
 knew it was going to be an up hill battle as Snorri's Praetorian Imperial Guard army is immense (and every time I see if I am even more jealous that before =P) and the addition of two new beautiful fliers has just made it even stronger. What I didn't think was that it was going to be like running in to a giant blender....but ooh dear it was.

There are a few immediate reasons I can see for the catastrophic failure that I need to consider:
1. First time using a null deployment army with majority pods, I need to get use to it.
2. I was podding next to IG, the masters of shooting, especially at close range.
3. Snorri is a damn good player.

But even with those factored in, I just can't see how it was such a massive catastrophe.
Which then gets me to thinking, is this a bad build, or did I just have a smattering of bad luck?

This is a question I intend to answer with a few more games against different people and see what results I get.

One thing I am definitely doing, despite only one play test game is dropping Varro to make up some more numbers. I really like using him, and I would like to keep him in there, but I just think the points could be better utilized else where at this points level.

The changed out list is as follows.

-Chaplain Numitor (Terminator Chaplain) - 130

-Veteran Squad Tirusus (Assault Terminators) - 240
-Brother Ultracus (Ironclad), in drop pod - 225

-Vandar "The Victors" (Tactical Marines) melta/multimelta, in drop pod - 245
-Octavian "Swords of Judgement" (Tactical Marines) melta/multimelta, in drop pod - 245
-Solinus "The Indomitable" (Tactical Marines) plasma/missile, in drop pod - 245
-Manorian "The Shield Bearers" (Tactical Marines) plasma/missile, in drop pod - 245

-Ixon "Macragge's Avengers" (Assault Marines) Flamer - 225

Total: 1800 points. 

I am hoping that I can make this idea work, as I really like the imagery of an entire drop pod/teleport army or marines. It makes sense from a fluff point of view as well, which I always love.

Will see how I get on with some more play testing and see what else I need to do.

Thanks for reading.
As always C&C welcomed.


  1. Your learning a totally different Army to the way you used to play Chris. Its gonna take time probally 10-20 games to get the feel for it m8. Good thing about it is you dont get to see many Drop Pod armies now, so in a Tournie setting not many players will expect it.

    1. Aye, one can hope.
      Will take some time to get used to and refine. But ill get there.