Wednesday, 8 August 2012

And so it begins.....

I have had an image, a dream if you will, of what I want my Ultramarine army to be and how I want it to play for some time, almost since I started collecting them.

And at last that idea is coming together and I am on my way to completing my Ultramarines (for now).

The first part of my army was to consist of the entire Ultramarine 2nd company. Something which I am now very close to.
I need to construct 10 Assault Marines, 4 of the command squad and 16 bolter marines and I have it all (only about half of it painted I admit).

The second part was to have all of these squads (except the assault squads which can deep strike) in drop pods.
And not just to use a few of them in battle meaning about 6 pods...I want to be able to field it all, at the same time, in pods. Meaning I need 11 drop pods, 6 Tactical squads, 2 Devastator squads, the Command Squad and 2 Dreadnoughts.

Well I already have one drop pod loaded out for Dread use, as you can see from the photos on my Ultramarines page. But today I made a start on adding to that in the form of two more pods.

They are primed (grey) and ready to be attacked by my flamer (spray gun) with the blue base coat.
Hopefully get that done next week if the weather holds out. I am away from tonight so can't do it yet.
 I have gone for all Imperial Aquila's  on the doors of one, and for the other I am trying out a different aproach. I filed down 5 of the normal diamond door plates to be smooth and I am going to put some transfers on there.

Look forward to getting some more pods sorted out soon, and a few steps closer to having the marines done.

There is a 3rd part of my Ultramarine plan, this is to have a good half of the 1st Company (mostly Terminators) and some of the Chapter Command in pods and Assault Rams along with some thunderfire cannons in pods, but this is less of a priority for me as the 2nd Company is where my passion lies.


  1. lol that is a big job bud. Cant wait to see the finished article on the table top.

    1. It is indeed a big job, but it will be worth it in the end. I will probably aim to have all the models built and then I can use them. Then just paint them over time.