Monday, 17 September 2012

Baneblade 'Sister of Silence' - Complete

Rolling from the Forge with a fresh coat of paint comes the Sister of Silence. A Baneblade from the Macragge 3rd Airborne defence force. Her power and might ensuring that the defenders of the 3rd Airborne's airfields never fail in their mission.

Really happy with how the paint scheme came out, I love this model and now I have my own thanks to Emma and Parf. Couldn't be happier with it!

Without further ado here she is (as always, click images to enlarge them)

In other news, I played in the Hulls Angels Charity Tournament on Saturday with a Drop pod Ultramarine army. Managed to win all three of my Games to win the tournament. WOO! shocked TBH as there were some strong opponents and armies present.
The event raised a total of £1155 for the Radiotherapy ward at Castle Hil! A staggering achievement, thank you VERY much to Gonzo for putting it all together! Another fantastic job from him! 

Crit and Comments welcome, thanks for reading :)