Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sister of Silence - WIP#2

 Further progress has been made on my Baneblade!
If only large area washes didn't take 40,000 years to dry it might be going a bit faster!!!

I finished up the two lascannon turrets and the heavy bolter one for the hull mount. 
Gives you an idea of how the rest of the tank will look as the hull is getting the same treatment as the armour plates on these. 
The blue on the lascannons will be mimicked on the large gun also. 

I have also added the first wash to the rest of the tank. 
Time permitting I will get it dry brushed and highlighted tomorrow and then can get to work on the details. 
Once that is done all I have left is the main turret and I am done. 
Things are progressing rather nicely. 


  1. keep the updates coming Chris, looking good so far.

    1. Will do, almost finished it now. Just got to finish the main turret. Will hopefully have it done by tomorrow evening provided I have time.