Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Busy busy busy!!!

Well, everything has gone a bit mental lately.
Its pretty good!

All aspects of my life seem to have become extremely busy lately. And to be honest  I'm loving it.
Had so much going on at work, its been real busy and some times a little frustrating but its passing the days along quickly.
Been spending a lot more time with my mates, as well as making new ones which is never a bad thing! Been awesome seeing folk properly again, often after a fair bit of time with out seeing them. Some great nights out and some weird but wonderful occurrences!

On the gaming front I started playing Bioshock again, forgot how good that is, also picked up MGS2&3 for Ps2 for a bit of old school gaming.
TV wise my friend Sian also convinced me to watch Tru Blood finally; and now I hate her for getting me hooked on it!!! It's just great.
My modelling has taken a bit of a hit lately, not built of painted anything for about three weeks, but I am finally starting to get some steam back in the tank for that and will be posting my first test Cron list very soon and then start building it also!!!

On top of all this plans for xmas & new years are underway at last! So much to do over the holiday period!
Seeing folks who don't live locally anymore, off to Soulwaxmass on the 21st, eating all the food...good times!

Also got a gaming weekend coming up with the guys as well as a trip to Durham, both of which are always win!

To summarise, I am one happy Chris at the moment and I damn well intend to keep it that way!! :)

Hope everyone is well! Take care and thanks for reading.

Oh, P.S. Check out THIS post from Andy's blog about Mr Oizo's new release.

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