Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Welcome back.
As some of you may have realised, the look and name of my blog has changed over the last week or so.
The reason for this is because the function of my blog will be changing from now on.
I will still be bringing you all my wargaming updates in the same way I always have (pages are in the side bar under 'Wargaming Pages'). But also I want to use my blog as a place to discuss my other interests and my life in general.

 There are a wealth of topics I enjoy; music, world events, books etc. but I feel I don't currently have a medium in which to discuss them and get proper feedback in the written form. I have my Tumblr page, but I use that mainly for on the go mini updates and I don't see it as a place for lengthy posts and discussion. And whilst my Vlog allows me to talk about things, I sometimes want to write something, regardless of how terrible I am at it. Plus having a written blog as well as a spoken one is just a good idea I.M.O..

So yes, hopefully this should mean a few things. 1) More regular updates for the blog, 2) more diverse topics as well as my wargaming and hobby posts, and 3) a wider range of people being brought in to the discussion, which is personally my favourite element to it.

So I hope I don't loose any followers who aren't interesting in the other elements of my life, and I also hope to gain some new ones as well.

Thanks for reading. Speak to you all soon.
Chris out.

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