Friday, 28 December 2012

Soulwaxmas 2012

A compilation of the videos and pictures I took/filmed at Soulwaxmas 2012 down at the O2 in Brixton.
8 hours of musical brilliance.
Enjoy, I know I did. 

Audio by Andy.

YouTube Channel:

Monday, 24 December 2012

Hicks & Healey Cornish Whiskey - A Brief Review

Hicks & Healey Cornish Whiskey is the first Cornish Whiskey to be produced in over 300 years. 
Made from Maris Otter Cornish Barley mash, double-distilled in the smallest traditional copper pot still in the country and with only a small number of bottles available it really is a limited edition drink. 
And in November this year my father obtained a bottle from the Healey's Cider farm store in Cornwall. 

Today we popped the cork after a hearty Christmas meal and took a sip. And my my what a drink! 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tale of Gamers - Update, 1st Draft Army Lists

The thought of getting involved with this Tale of Gamers for next year has really got my creative juices flowing (thanks for that Skaltar =] ) and I have been pondering what I want out of my army lists since it was first mentioned. After a bit of careful thought and consideration I have come up with a 1st draft list for my Necrons and for my Ogres.

Both are likely to change a little bit over the course of the year, but they give me an idea to start with and I can start painting the core units that won't change first and work from there. 

Tale of Gamers - Update

Just a quick one to add to the my last post about the Tale of Gamers 2013 I have gotten my self involved in.

Skalter posted up a little earlier that he has decided on his army. After some though he has decided on dusting off his old Dark Eldar force that was started not finished. See the full post from him HERE.

On top of deciding on his army he also suggested the idea of opening this up to the Warhammer Fantasy players as well. The basic idea being to have them paint 300-350pts per 2 months to end up with a 2000pts force. Basically a more standard size for them, similar to 40K's 1500pts. I personally think its a great idea as it gets more people involved.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Tale of Gamers/Painters

Just in case you haven't noticed from the lack of posts relating to them I have been struggling to get my act together, get motivated and paint my Necrons. Or paint anything for that matter.
I have been trying to get back at the paint table for a while now but have had little success, the most I have managed is paint in 2 months is the energy cells on 4 Necron Warrior's guns.
Some outside influence to kick me up the arse if I slack off is needed I think. And it has arrived in the form of Skaltar and Mart. I have joined them in a Tale of Gamers/Painters project for next year.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Chaplains in 6th Ed?

Chaplains have always been both a useful and iconic unit in any standard Space Marine Codex army. Being one of only two none named character HQ choices to come with a power weapon in their base points. But with the arrival of 6th Edition and the changes to close combat weaponry, amongst other things, are they still worth fielding? I will try to address this question with my own experience and see where we end up....

Thursday, 6 December 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Review

All-Stars Battle Royal is a crossover fighting game released for the PS3 and PS:Vita at the tail end of November. 

Conceptually similar to Super Smash Bros the game allows up to 4 players to battle against each other using characters from across various Sony games. But whilst been similar to Smash Bros in some respects it is considerably different in others. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Anapnut Dynasty - 1800 Points.

Alright folks, welcome back.
Having completely my 1800 point Ultramarine drop pod army, except for a bit of paint, I have moved on to thinking properly about what I want to do with my Necron army.

I feel a bit bad that I left them to gather rust after finishing my Scythe model but to be honest, I kind of lost interest in the army. I don't know why. Regardless of the the reason, I am past the worst of it, and have actually had some fun thinking up new ideas for my army and considering what to buy next.