Monday, 24 December 2012

Hicks & Healey Cornish Whiskey - A Brief Review

Hicks & Healey Cornish Whiskey is the first Cornish Whiskey to be produced in over 300 years. 
Made from Maris Otter Cornish Barley mash, double-distilled in the smallest traditional copper pot still in the country and with only a small number of bottles available it really is a limited edition drink. 
And in November this year my father obtained a bottle from the Healey's Cider farm store in Cornwall. 

Today we popped the cork after a hearty Christmas meal and took a sip. And my my what a drink! 

 The bottle, which is apparently made with a cognac-style to separate it from the established whiskey market, comes in a lovely chest style box along with two whiskey glasses. A nice touch for something that is likely to be around for a while. Kind of wish we had picked up two now, one of drinking, one for show. 
Popped the wax, removed the cork and gave it a sniff. It has a rich spiced honey smell, very pleasant and not at all over powering. 
It tastes much like it smells, a pleasant warming with hints of honey, spice and a very faint hit of vanilla. 
Unlike a lot of strong whiskey's(whisky's), this one is 60.2%, it doesn't result in a harsh burn in your throat, merely a warming sensation that any good whiskey drinker would enjoy. 
A thoroughly enjoyable drink, well worth the spend, that I would suggest for anyone looking for a good whiskey as a night cap on special occasions.

You can get your self a bottle from the Healey's on-line store HERE

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all!!