Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tale of Gamers - Update, 1st Draft Army Lists

The thought of getting involved with this Tale of Gamers for next year has really got my creative juices flowing (thanks for that Skaltar =] ) and I have been pondering what I want out of my army lists since it was first mentioned. After a bit of careful thought and consideration I have come up with a 1st draft list for my Necrons and for my Ogres.

Both are likely to change a little bit over the course of the year, but they give me an idea to start with and I can start painting the core units that won't change first and work from there. 

So here they are (Note I have included the points for the entire unit so you can see how that unit will fit in with points allotment every two months):

1500 point Anapnut Dynasty Necron Force
●Necron Overlord, warscythe, mindshackle scarabs, sempiternal weave, ressy orb, phase shifter - 204pts 
●Destroyer Lord, ressy orb, sempiternal weave, mindshackle scarabs - 185pts

●Necron Warriors (13) - 169pts
●Necron Immortals (10) - 170pts
●Necron Immortals (10), tesla carbines - 170pts

Dedicated Transports
●Night Scythe - 100pts
●Night Scythe - 100pts

Fast Attack
●Tomb Blades (5), shield vanes, shadowlooms - 200pts

Heavy Support
●Doom Scythe - 175pts

Total - 1494 points.

2000 point Worlds Teeth Tribe Ogre Kingdoms Army (Not listing magic items for characters etc., just points. Keeps it secret for battles)
●Slaughter Master - 388pts

●Bruiser - 153pts
●Firebelly - 175pts

●Ogres (6), full command, ironfists - 227pts
●Ironguts (6), full command - 308pts
●Gnoblars (10), trappers, standard - 60pts
●Gnoblars (10), trappers, standard - 60pts

●Mournfang Cavalry (4), bellower, standard, ironfist, heavy armour - 350pts
●Maneaters (4), captain, great weapon(1), brace of pistols(3), heavy armour - 273pts

Total - 1994 points

I will also be writing up some fluff for the armies, as I don't think an army is really complete unless it has a story to tell and a reason for being.
This will include things such as unit names and a little bit of history from relevant force.

As always, let me know what you think of the forces, all comments and crit are welcome.

Thanks for reading, until next time!
Hatter out. 


  1. Im completely out of touch of the game to comment on the lists, but good luck sir!

  2. Isn't the fantasy list supposed to be 2.4k?

  3. It was Shane, but we decided to lower the amount to 2000pts, roughly 300-350 points painted every two months. I think as the 40K players are using the 1500pts standard that WHFB players should use the 2000pts standard that is used at the Throne of Skulls tournament. It only seemed fair and tbh it will make your painting a little bit easier, now you only have to paint maybe 110 goblins every two months.

  4. Thanks Mart, one can only hope it works alright.

    You still got any of your other armies? Can get you some practice in with 6th Ed if you want to get back up to speed for your Ravens?

    As Skaltar said Shane, slight change, just makes our lives easier if anything :)

  5. dont really, but I havent got time to game and paint, so I will paint my stuff and then hit the gaming. Maybe we can organise some 750 - 1000- 1250 - 1500 for our armies??

  6. Sounds like a plan Mart, 750pts upwards starting in June. That should give us a feel as to how the armies are progressing, also eye up the competition in the painting department 8).

  7. Works for me. Means I actually need to plan what I paint rather than just doing the odd bit but thats fine :P

  8. hmm and actually, if my list is turd I will know sooner, I my not buy everything in one go as I thought...

    1. I would suggest buying your core units such as general troop choices and commanders (things that wont change) and work from there. That's what I am doing anyway.

    2. The problem is im buy FW stuff to tie into regular and Sternguard units.. meh, I'll think of something. I'll work out a 750 list. Plus sometimes a list works at certain points levels and not at others. Thats my excuse.

    3. This is true. Well we will see what happens aye.

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