Monday, 17 December 2012

Tale of Gamers/Painters

Just in case you haven't noticed from the lack of posts relating to them I have been struggling to get my act together, get motivated and paint my Necrons. Or paint anything for that matter.
I have been trying to get back at the paint table for a while now but have had little success, the most I have managed is paint in 2 months is the energy cells on 4 Necron Warrior's guns.
Some outside influence to kick me up the arse if I slack off is needed I think. And it has arrived in the form of Skaltar and Mart. I have joined them in a Tale of Gamers/Painters project for next year.

Skaltar originally came up with the idea to help him slowly get through a new army is he wanting to build. Not sure he is exactly sure which yet though. Best get deciding bud! You can see his original post on the subject HERE.
Mart is going to be painting his Raven Guard and I am going to be painting up my Anapnut Crons.

The plan is to buy, build and paint 250pts of your chosen force every 2 months throughout 2013, with regular updates on your respective blogs. This should mean that come the end of December 2013 we will have 1500pts and can do battle! Always fun.

Skaltar has also mentioned the idea of a prize for the best painted army and also the Champion Warlord. But that remains to be seen. May have a word with him and see what can be arranged as a group.

If you feel like joining in then Skaltar has posted up on the Hull Angels forum HERE, so go and express your interest. Might be worth nothing that being able to get to Hulls Angels for the battles is a must if you want to be involved with the whole thing and not just the painting!

Thanks for reading, happy hobbying!
Hatter out

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