Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tale of Gamers - Update

Just a quick one to add to the my last post about the Tale of Gamers 2013 I have gotten my self involved in.

Skalter posted up a little earlier that he has decided on his army. After some though he has decided on dusting off his old Dark Eldar force that was started not finished. See the full post from him HERE.

On top of deciding on his army he also suggested the idea of opening this up to the Warhammer Fantasy players as well. The basic idea being to have them paint 300-350pts per 2 months to end up with a 2000pts force. Basically a more standard size for them, similar to 40K's 1500pts. I personally think its a great idea as it gets more people involved.

Shane has taken up the challenge and is going to be working on his Night Goblin force for it which should be good as the work he has done on these so far is looking great. That can be checked out on his blog HERE.

With the addition of WFB to this tale I have been a little brave (or foolish, take your pick) and decided to also paint my Ogre Kingdoms army on top of my Necrons. This means I will be needing to paint 300-350pts of Ogres and 200pts of Crons every 2 months.
My thinking is that 300-350pts of Ogres really doesn't add up to many models, so getting them done along side my Crons should be fairly easy. Also it would be nice to get some paint on the Ogres as well, especially with the new list I have written.

I will hopefully be posting my first draft lists for both forces very soon so you can all see what I have ahead of me. Obviously they will be subject to change over the course of the year (it is a long time to keep to one idea after all) but it will give me a starting point!

Keep your eyes open for more updates from me and the other guys involved. I will add their blog addresses at the bottom of this post so you can go follow them to keep up to date and will also have them all in my 'Friends Blogs' section soon also.

Thanks for reading. Hatter out.

Marts blog: http://marts-warhammer-40k.blogspot.co.uk/
Skaltars blog: http://skaltar-thedarkkin.blogspot.co.uk/
Shanes blog: http://whichonethisweek.blogspot.co.uk/

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