Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Anapnut Dynasty - 1800 Points.

Alright folks, welcome back.
Having completely my 1800 point Ultramarine drop pod army, except for a bit of paint, I have moved on to thinking properly about what I want to do with my Necron army.

I feel a bit bad that I left them to gather rust after finishing my Scythe model but to be honest, I kind of lost interest in the army. I don't know why. Regardless of the the reason, I am past the worst of it, and have actually had some fun thinking up new ideas for my army and considering what to buy next.

Wanting to keep in with the back story I have written for my Dynasty I need to keep the army fast, mobile and mounted. Foot troops, whilst being kind of explainable from a fluffy perspective just don't fit right with the army for me. Perhaps that will be my downfall as it may weaken the list. But since when have I ever put winning ahead of an army I am happy with and enjoy? Simply put, never. And this army will be no different.

Here is the first list I have written. After speaking to Vanguard, Ancient and Snorri I am considering a few tweaks but I'll give it to you as is for now:


  • Necron Overlord. Phaeron, warscythe, mind shackle scarabs, resurrection orb, sempiternal weave, phase shifter - 225
  • Royal Court. Lord with resurrection orb and warscythe. Lord with resurrection orb. - 140
  • Destroyer Lord. Resurrection orb, sempiternal weave - 170
  • Necron Immortals (10) in Night Scythe - 270
  • Necron Immortals (10) with tesla carbines in Night Scythe - 270
  • Necron Warriors (8) in Ghost Ark - 219

  • Necron Destroyers (5) - 200
  • Tomb Blades (3). Shadow loom, shield vane - 120

  • Doom Scythe - 175 

Total: 1789 points.

The changes I have considered is finding the points to put a Cryptek in with the lighting shield wargear so I can make the Overlords unit even more resistant to assault. Also I have considered dropping the Destroyer Lord in favour of more warriors, but this would remove the one melee threat in the destroyer unit as well as removing their orb which due to the lack of bodies I don't want to do really.

Let me know what you think. All comments/crit is weclome as always.

Thanks for reading and happy wargaming. 


  1. OK m8,

    My two cents worth.

    Overlord doesn't need the Phaeron upgrade as that was really for 5th edition. Relentless rule then allowed you to fire rapid fire weapons up to full range even when you moved. In 6th you can do that normally only difference is that you can rapid fire and charge into combat, but I personally don't think you really want to get into combat with Necrons as it tends to end badly for us Necron players.
    The Necron Lords with Res Orbs are a points sink, 140 points for a 1 wound character? I would look at some better for the points as these will get they arses kicked in the first challenge. I understand what your trying to do with the Orbs but they are better placed on multi wound characters for survivability.
    Your Tomb Blades are too few in number and with the two upgrades they are costing too much. I would go for only one upgrade and get more blades in the force (min of 6). They are just begging to win the First Kill for the enemy player in the mission.
    The rest looks ok bud.

    But I do think you will find it very hard to keep what few models you have on the table top alive during the first few turns. Those flyers going into reserve is gonna make it hard for you till they come on.
    But only way you know is to play test it

    1. I have considered that with the Overlord bud, but since him and his squad are going to be right on the front line, I will be choosing charge over be charged in a fair few cases me thinks. Its not that many points and keeps my options open. Will see how it plays though and if I find it is useless I can always drop it.

      The thing with dropping the Lords with orbs is that I loose out on the survivability of the units they would sit in. Suppose they could pay for more Tomb Blades up to the max of 5. But then the immortals loose out on their +1 come back save and when they arrive right sat the front they may need it. Hmmmm. Could loose one of them from the warriors though.

      Thanks for the input, I appreciate the knowledge input. I will have to have a play once I get it all built and see. Can always add a few bits if needed. See what happens. Perhaps get some games in against you to steal your knowledge as it happens?

  2. How was you going to play this list?
    If I have an understanding of your tactic's I might be able to help u a bit more.
    I'm presuming of course that your Immortals will be sat in the Night Scythes off the table in reserves with the two Lords?
    I'm also guessing that your Overlord is going into the Ghost Ark with the warrior squad, and the Destroyer Lord + Destroyers will be starting on the table.

    As for having games to test the list out I'm up for it, we can arrange a date. What little knowledge I have I will gladly pass onto you.

  3. Basic plan is use the Blade and destroyers as back to middle ground harrasment and then use the warriors as base defence in the ark. The immortals on the attack from the N-Scythes and D-Scythe where ever needs it. Since it can cover ground so fast.