Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Film Review: World War Z

I went to see World War Z a short while ago and have been meaning to review it for a while now. 
Directed by Marc Forster it is a film I have been looking forward to since it was announced.
I went to see the film a couple of weeks after release, by which time a lot of people I know had already seen it. Said people had fed back a lot of mixed reviews on the film,  none of them hailing it as great. Some said it was utterly terrible, others said it was just okay. Because of this I entered the screening with a feeling of trepidation. Would I enjoy it? Was it going to be a waste of time as I had been told?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Film Review: Pacific Rim

"Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!" 

Guillermo del Toro is back this time bringing us a love letter to Japanese Kaiju monster films. A tale of invading monstrous creatures(Kaiju), and humanities fight to stop them using the gigantic robots known as Jaegers.

It's nice to have a summer blockbuster that isn't a re-make or a sequel. Pacific Rim is $180million special effects behemoth of unpretentious fun.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Review: A Purple Cello EP by Rob Scallon

I have been following Rob Scallon's work for a fair while now. He is a marvellous musician and from the few interactions I have had with him a sound chap as well!

He announced the release of his new EP 'A Purple Cello' in his vlog from 10/07/2013, and being a lover of the Cello as well as Rob's music I of course downloaded it.

I will say right now, I have not been disappointed by the purchase. Although I am extremely jealous that he has such a beautiful purple Cello!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tale of Gamers - An update

Right, straight to the point here - Basically, I have failed.

I am less than happy about this, but unfortunately a combination of lack of painting mojo combined with VERY limited free time over the last two months has left me with nothing to show beyond my post way back in April., April, I hadn't realised quiet how long ago I last did anything for this. Oops.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Film Review: The Great Gatsby

"It makes me sad because I've never seen such - such beautiful shirts before."

F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel 'The Great Gatsby', a work which most herald as his magnum opus, was a master piece of writing. Has Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation lived up to the name? Or has it failed like so many before?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Film Review: Star Trek into Darkness

J.J. Abrams stepped up to the plate to reboot the Star Trek film franchise in 2009. A major undertaking given the popularity and cult following that Star Trek has.
His use of real locations, the anamorphic format, intelligent improvisation and the fact that the film was written to go down a different time line as opposed to a direct copy of the original's resulted in a fantastic product. One that I saw as a brilliant start to what should be a solid new series of films.
This year he has brought us the second instalment of his reboot, Star Trek into Darkness.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Film Review: Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr, appealing as ever, returns as Tony Stark. The playboy, millionaire, engineering genius saving the world in his Iron suit.
Directed by Shane Black rather than Jon Favreau who directed 1 and 2 the film did have a noticeably different feel to it.

Tale of Gamers - Round 2, Ogre Ironguts Complete

Finished up my Ogre Ironguts for round two of the Tale of Gamers.
These are Rokgut’s Heroes under the command of Gutlord Rokgut.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 2, Necron Immortals and Night Scythe Complete.

Put the final touches to this segments Necrons. 
I have painted 5 Immortals and their Night Scythe. 
It's not quite the 250 points but having not had the chance to go buy any more models yet I have basically painted what I have left in my box ready to go. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Film Review: Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

Ever find yourself with a few weeks to spare whilst making a blockbuster movie? No, me neither, but that's exactly the situation Joss Whedon found himself in, with a fortnight break whilst completing the Avengers in 2011.
In that time Whedon gathered together his friends to form a cast, that to most would seem unattainable, and shot his own film adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. The entire feature was filmed in secret in just 12 days at Whedon's home in Santa Monica.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Film Review: Oblivion(2013)

Oblivion is based off a graphic novel of the same name written by Joseph Kosinki. It's a science fiction film that pays homage to Sci-Fi from the 70's. Co-written, produced and directed by Kosinki himself, the film throws you in to the aftermath of a war that left Earth all but lifeless. With the only humans seemingly left on Earth being the "mandatory memory wiped" Jack Harper(Tom Cruise), a drone technician and Victoria Olsen(Andrea Riseborough), Jacks controller, who form "the mop up crew".
Fighting off the remnants of the invading army and repairing the drones that defend huge water pumping platforms are how they spend their days. The platforms job being to turn Earth's salt water in to fusion material for humanities new colony on Titan, Jupiter's largest moon.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 1, Necron Warriors Complete.

I finished up the Necron Warriors just in time for the deadline last night and got to photographing tonight. 
Here they are:

Monday, 25 February 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 1, Necron Overlord Complete.

I put the finishing touches to my Necron Overlord 'Phaeron Keksuhad Sekhrey' over the weekend and just got round to photographing him.
He is the Phaeron of my Necron Dynasty  'The Anapnut Dynasty'.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 1, Ogre's - COMPLETE

I have spent some time basing the Slaughtermaster and the Bruiser to finish them off. I have just got for a simple snow base, I think it suits them. I also re-based my Ironblaster since I had the stuff out already.
I am really happy with them and if I can keep this up then the whole army should look pretty good if I do say so my self.  
For info on my Ogre units, including these ones check out my 'World's Teeth Tribe' page

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 1, Ogre WIP#3

Done a bit more work on the Slaughtmaster and Bruiser. Just need to base them and I am done. Well provided no one points out any alarming mistakes I may have missed.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 1, Ogre WIP#2

Not had as much time to spend painting this week as I had hoped, only a few hours really, but I have done a bit more work on the Ogres. Got about 80% of the base colours down and shaded+Highlighted areas that won't be as easy to get to once the higher areas are painted.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Apocalypse Game - Hulls Angels - 05/01/2013

Headed on over to Hulls Angels today for a massive Apocalypse Game. Was approximately 37,000 points per side. Imperium vs. Chaos and Xeno. I obviously played with my Ultramarines along side Dan's 24K worth of Ultramarines, a load of Guard and a load more marines.
The opposing side consisted of 15.5K of Nids, a s**t ton of Orks, a fair spattering of Chaos, some traitor marines, some Dark Eldar and a good bucket load of Daemons too.

It was a good game, the Imperials won in the end due to capturing an objective last minute putting us one ahead and all in all many funs were had across the board. 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Tale of Painters - Round 1, Ogre WIP#1

Made a start on the two Ogre models I am painting this month, the Slaughter Master and my Bruiser BSB.
As you will see, I have spent my time on the skin. This is a something I am still learning to paint well, but I am happy with how it has turned out and I don't think I will be adding anything more to it for fear of ruining what I have already got.
Let me know what you think :) 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tale of Painters - Round 1 Jan+Feb 2013

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all waved 2012 farewell and welcomed 2013 with style!! 

The start of the new year also saw the start of Tale of Gamers! For me this meant choosing my first 250pts of Necrons and 300-350pts of Ogres and getting painting. Which I have, and in fact am writing this post whilst waiting for my first skin wash to dry.

I have decided to start out fairly easy and go for mainly HQ and Lord/Heroes choices. Models I can take my time with and get back in to the swing of things on and not have LOADS to do. After all, it has been about 3 months since I last painted anything. Shameful I know.

So, what are my choices for the January and February round? Well I'll tell you.....