Saturday, 5 January 2013

Apocalypse Game - Hulls Angels - 05/01/2013

Headed on over to Hulls Angels today for a massive Apocalypse Game. Was approximately 37,000 points per side. Imperium vs. Chaos and Xeno. I obviously played with my Ultramarines along side Dan's 24K worth of Ultramarines, a load of Guard and a load more marines.
The opposing side consisted of 15.5K of Nids, a s**t ton of Orks, a fair spattering of Chaos, some traitor marines, some Dark Eldar and a good bucket load of Daemons too.

It was a good game, the Imperials won in the end due to capturing an objective last minute putting us one ahead and all in all many funs were had across the board. 
I didn't get many photos, nor many good quality ones, but here are the ones that I did get. Enjoy!


  1. Hate to think how much all that grey plastic is worth lol.

    1. I know....we gave up working it out after hitting several thousand.....

  2. Now that is a game of 40k!

    Your defo looking and a brand new small car value wise!