Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 1, Ogre's - COMPLETE

I have spent some time basing the Slaughtermaster and the Bruiser to finish them off. I have just got for a simple snow base, I think it suits them. I also re-based my Ironblaster since I had the stuff out already.
I am really happy with them and if I can keep this up then the whole army should look pretty good if I do say so my self.  
For info on my Ogre units, including these ones check out my 'World's Teeth Tribe' page

Slaughtermaster Groxhide Gutsquelch

Bruiser Ug


As always, let me know what you think. All crit and comments are appreciated!
Thanks for reading.
Hatter out. 


  1. Wonderful work Chris, just the 40k side of the pledge to finish before the end of Feb!!

    My only real bit of critique is the chainmail on the standard bearers left arm could do with some more definition. Maybe another black wash to bring out the links a little more. Other than that, I love it :D

    1. And where did his shoulderplates come from? ;)

    2. Thanks Shane. Got a point on the chainmail. Ill look into it.
      Only got 6 crons to paint so should be able to get through them fairly quickly. Especially as some of the warriors are already nearly finished.

      And do you mean where as in how are they even staying there? Or what kit? They from the Mournfang kit if the latter.

    3. I did mean what kit, I really like them.

    4. Pretty certain its the pads for heavy armour options on the fangs.

  2. Nice work. I think the snow base works, looks good with Ogres. I need to get my paints out, I refuse to have Shane beat me!

    1. Thanks. I think that's fighting talk. Shane, you going to take that? XD

      I still need to make more of an effort with the crons....stupid robots.

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