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Tale of Painters - Round 1 Jan+Feb 2013

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all waved 2012 farewell and welcomed 2013 with style!! 

The start of the new year also saw the start of Tale of Gamers! For me this meant choosing my first 250pts of Necrons and 300-350pts of Ogres and getting painting. Which I have, and in fact am writing this post whilst waiting for my first skin wash to dry.

I have decided to start out fairly easy and go for mainly HQ and Lord/Heroes choices. Models I can take my time with and get back in to the swing of things on and not have LOADS to do. After all, it has been about 3 months since I last painted anything. Shameful I know.

So, what are my choices for the January and February round? Well I'll tell you.....
For my Necrons I have selected to paint my Overlord and to bring the points up to the required amount finally get round to finishing the first 6 Necron Warriors I started ages ago. 

Unit Details
  1. Name: Phaeron Keksuhad Sekhrey
    Type: Necron Overlord
    FOC: HQ
    Kit: Warscythe, mindshackle scarabs, sempiternal weave, resurrection orb, phase shifter
    Points: 205
  2. Name: W-001
    Type: Necron Warriors (6 of 13)
    FOC: Troop
    Kit: Gauss flayer
    Points: 78 of 169
So 283points worth of Necrons for this round. A little over the limit, but since they are already half done its not a big task. 

For my Ogres I have kind of broken the rules already. But not in a negative way guess. I am actually painting both my Slaughtermaster and Bruiser, which is WAY more points than one round requires. The reason for this is because of drying time. 
I will be unlikely to paint Ogres and Crons in the same sitting. It's a completely different colour palette and way of working. So once I apply a coat to the single Ogre model what then? If I was to paint just the Slaughtermaster, which was the initial plan, then I'd be doing a bit and then twiddling my thumbs all the time. So I decided to up this to two models and paint the bruiser as well. It still means I have a bit of waiting around to do, but at least while one coat of, say, flesh wash dries on one model I can be highlighting the other. 

Unit Details
  1. Name: Groxhide Gutsquelch
    Type: Slaughtermaster
    Category: Lord
    Points: 388
  2. Name: Ug
    Type: Bruiser
    Category: Hero
    Points: 153
So that's 541points worth of Ogres. I told you it was way over the points. But considering some units, such as the 6 strong squad of Ogre Bulls, come in under the points but will likely still get a whole round to them selves it will balance out. 

I have already made a start on the Ogres this evening and will be chucking a WIP up once I have done a little more. So keep yours eyes peeled for that. The model I am using for the Slaughtermaster is actually the one I built myself to be a butcher. That can be seen HERE

Also on the subject of Ogres, I have finally gotten round to designing the icon for my tribe. Mainly because I will be needing to paint it on the battle standard. The tribes name is 'the World's Teeth Tribe' and this is what I have come up with:

I've gone for one of the few things Ogres are really good at, simplicity. A circle to represent the world and some mountain type things to represent the teeth. Which is also in keeping with the tribe believing that mountains are the teeth of the world. You'll hear more about that once I finish the fluff for them. 
As always, let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading, hopefully the Tale of Gamers related posts will be coming through like a storm soon from all involved. I will be linking to posts and blogs of those involved as and when updates are available so keep an eye out for that. I will also be spreading the word on my twitter so go check that out.
There is also likely to be some development of a central blog for this whole thing that can be used to collate everyone's efforts, more on that when info is available.

Once again, Happy New year. 

Hatter out. 

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