Sunday, 28 April 2013

Film Review: Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr, appealing as ever, returns as Tony Stark. The playboy, millionaire, engineering genius saving the world in his Iron suit.
Directed by Shane Black rather than Jon Favreau who directed 1 and 2 the film did have a noticeably different feel to it.

Bringing us the usual comedy, action and emotional scenes that we expect to see, Iron Man 3 has the ingredients to be another utterly amazing Iron Man film but some how something was lost in the mix. Things just didn't seem to gel together properly leaving the movie feeling a little fragmented.
We are served up a plentiful bounty of explosions, chases, brilliant choreography and well delivered jests (even if many would have been lost on non-British viewers) but the storyline seemed more like it belonged in a B-movie.
The stand off between hero and villain lacked the kind of emotion that the build up to it suggested it should have had, as if it was written for something else entirely then just slotted in last minute. The dramatic tension that some elements of the film really needed were diminished by ill fitted comedic jibes.
We are presented with the menacing face of evil in the form of the Mandarin, who spends his time humiliating America and its ability to defend it's self against terror. This providing a feel of dread only for it to be undercut by jokes about Croydon, football and Downton Abbey.
It feels as if the makers tried to appeal to too many different audiences and also that they were unsure how serious to take their own film. They threw in a touch of romance, a smattering of comedy, a bucket of action and a spoonful of gadgetry and Geek porn but forgot the stir the mix and make it flow smoothly.

All in all not a terrible film, the individual elements were good, but it didn't flow well and the story needed more polish.
I give Iron Man 3 a 3/5, worth a watch but don't expect it to stand up against Iron Man 1 or 2.

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