Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tale of Gamers - Round 2, Necron Immortals and Night Scythe Complete.

Put the final touches to this segments Necrons. 
I have painted 5 Immortals and their Night Scythe. 
It's not quite the 250 points but having not had the chance to go buy any more models yet I have basically painted what I have left in my box ready to go. 

Really happy with the paint scheme. Not sure what next months stuff is going be yet. 
Will see what I feel like buying. 

Comments and crit appreciated below. 
Hatter Out. 


  1. Cracking looking stuff sir, I wasn't sure about the red when you first started but now that I can see the vehicles and other infantry I'm definitely warming to it.

    1. Thanks, I find that the models with more red on them as well as some gold generally look better than the warriors and scarabs that only have small sections of red and no gold. It does make them look lowly like they are meant to though I guess.

  2. Liking the colour scheme. Very striking!