Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tale of Gamers - An update

Right, straight to the point here - Basically, I have failed.

I am less than happy about this, but unfortunately a combination of lack of painting mojo combined with VERY limited free time over the last two months has left me with nothing to show beyond my post way back in April.
....wow, April, I hadn't realised quiet how long ago I last did anything for this. Oops.

As I have said above, limited time has played a major role in why I have failed. I have been away doing various things for 6 out of the last 8 weekend, and the 2 I have been home I have been making time to see friends and attending to other commitments that I have neglected whilst I was away.
This has left me with just my evenings after work, many of which are already filled with other commitments.
So what about the evenings that aren't already filled with other stuff? Why not pick up a brush and fill my time with painting? Mainly this is down to lack of mojo.

I still really enjoy painting my Ogres and have been thinking about the army and possible changes to it a lot, so I am not sure why I can't bring myself to get on with them.
I have a lot of Ogres built  (in fact a good 85% of the intended ToG army + stuff that isn't even in it) and even have some of it under-coated, I just haven't picked up the brush and added anything beyond that except a layer of dark flesh on my Firebelly.

As for the Necrons, I have just lost steam with them. Because I don't have enough to play any games with them, even unpainted, I don't have any motivation to finish them really. I love how the paint scheme looks when its finished, which should be enough, but it just isn't. I think this in part comes down to how long it takes to edge highlight all the grey on them. I knew it was going to be time consuming when I went in to this, but I didn't think that it was going to be this bad. And after I get through 5 of them I just can't stand the idea of 5 more, let alone 30.

It's a little depressing really, as I love the hobby and I love gaming, and I feel bad for not being able to get interested in my models, I have never really been faced with this issue before.

So, how do I intend to address this issue and get back on track?
Well, I have written myself a little list of things to do that should get the process going again and keep me from A) being bored and B) loosing interest.
Here is that list:

  1. Buy and build enough Necrons to be able to game with them. This will hopefully spur me into wanting them all painted for comps and tournaments etc. 
  2. When painting my Necrons paint a few smaller infantry models whilst waiting for paint on bigger less monotonous models to dry. I plan to have a lot of fliers, individual/small squad size units and larger models so this shouldn't be a problem. 
  3. Paint my Ogres on a 'what I want when I want' basis as opposed to a 'I MUST FINISH THIS SQUAD' basis. I hate having my hobbies feel so dictated, even if its a self imposed thing. 
  4. Game more, use the armies and make more of a connection. I think I may be loosing interest in the forces because I don't use them often enough. 
  5. Make more time for gaming and painting. I have so much going on, which is only going to get worse as I start Cello lessons soon, but I still need to make time for my hobby. I need to start arranging and booking in games in my calendar to avoid the time going to other things. Also maybe chalk in some painting time, preferably on a weekend. 
I hope that these 5 things will allow me to get back to some sort of regularity and bring back the enjoyment I used to get from painting. I used to love it just as much as I did playing the game and I want that back. 

Hopefully have some updates soon, I intend to try and get back on track (i.e. paint two rounds worth of models in this coming round) so we will see how that goes. No promises though. I might help if everyone else who started this had kept up, but most seem to have dropped out before round 2. I can't be 100% sure, I I think I am the only one left now. Shame really =/

As well as all this I could really do with getting my Ultramar forces in order, especially given the imminent arrival of Apoc v2, but lets not over do things! 

Anyway, thanks for reading, any input on the above would be appreciated.
Happy hobbying everyone! 
-Hatter out. 


  1. I'm still painting m8, but my time is very small compared to what I use to have. Atm my Eldar force is steadily been built up and painted but its very slow going.
    Hit me up for a game sometime when your ready if you want...

    1. I'm hoping to have all the Necrons I need for the army bought and built before I go away in August. I'll hit you up for a game around then bud.

  2. I thought the whole tale of many liars was over to be honest :O I've stopped painting all things fantasy in favour of a game I shall not mention here for fear of being called a spammer ;) I will however be adding my new stuff to my blog soon for ya'll to have a gawp at.

    Good luck with the five steps sir, hope they work out for you.


    There you go Shane I've spammed it for you lol.

    August should be fine m8, hopefully the little one will be more settled.