Friday, 12 July 2013

Review: A Purple Cello EP by Rob Scallon

I have been following Rob Scallon's work for a fair while now. He is a marvellous musician and from the few interactions I have had with him a sound chap as well!

He announced the release of his new EP 'A Purple Cello' in his vlog from 10/07/2013, and being a lover of the Cello as well as Rob's music I of course downloaded it.

I will say right now, I have not been disappointed by the purchase. Although I am extremely jealous that he has such a beautiful purple Cello!

The EP consists of 5 tracks which are all Cello covers by Rob of his other work. As Rob puts it the EP is "A collection of my songs played on this awkward & beautiful instrument.".

The EP opens on good form with 'This Week 2', a song from Rob's 'The Winter's Months' album from 2011. It is a great rendition of a great song. The removal of the vocals and drums and preforming it in a string quartet style takes the song and makes it something completely new and wonderful, invoking a sense of nostalgia and longing for times gone by.
Next up we have 'Rain', originally on Rob's first solo album 'Summer' way back in 2008 and then rerecorded for his self entitled album released in 2012. This song has always been one of my favourites from Rob and when he released a video of it on Cello it's fair to say I was excited. A relaxing piece that will make you smile.
Track 3 is another from Rob's 'The Winter's Months' album, 'Short Song'. Now I have to admit when I saw this was on here I wasn't sure how Rob was going to pull it off, as there is a lot going on and to put all that into a piece with only Cello seemed like a tall order.
The end result is a track that is a very different beast to the original, but its a lovely track all the same. I can definitely see this one finding a home in my chill out playlist.
Short Song is followed up by 'Summer', another track from Rob's 'Summer' album that found a place on his self entitled album in 2012.
Now unless my ears deceive me this entire track is played pizzicato, with a bit of knocking. And what a wonderful result, well done Mr. Scallon! A perfect track for the current weather, I spent last night when I got home sat outside in my garden in the evening sun listening to this track and enjoying a cold glass of Leffe. The perfect sunny day song with a fitting name to boot!
Last, but certainly not least we have 'Friend', another from Rob's 'Summer' album.
I believe this was the first track that Rob ever did as a solo artist that included vocals, so I was curious to see if he would include any on this version. He did not, which in a way I am glad about as the EP works well as a purely instrumental collection, but at the same time I wish he had. The reason for this is that the original track's vocals weren't that strong, perhaps because Rob wasn't sure of his voice then, but he has improved so much since then and I would love to see this song's vocals re-done now.
But with, or without vocals the final track of this EP is on par with the rest, finishing of a set of 5 wonderful tracks.

All in all a brilliant EP that I would highly recommend to anyone who like's Rob's other work or is a lover of the Cello. Perfect relaxation music, great for chilling in the sun!

You can pick up the EP on Bandcamp HERE 
You should all go buy that now, it's only $4. You can of course give more, being the generous bunch that you are!
You can check out other music by Rob at the following places:
-Rob's bandcamp page
-Rob's main YouTube Channel.

If you really like Rob's work and want to support him even more then you can go and become his Patron over on, his page can be found HERE.
Rob also does weekdaily vlogs over on his second channel that are pretty darn entertaining. So go and check that out! 

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the EP as much as I do.
Hatter out!
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