Thursday, 23 January 2014

Assault Terminators - Complete

Put the finishing touches to three Lightning Claw and one Thunder Hammer+Storm Shield Assault Terminators today to finish up my squad of ten.
Had the torsos, heads and should pads under coated in a box for literally months and finally got around to them. 

These are the four that got painted over the last few days, as always click for larger images. 
I'm pretty happy with how they came out, the forge world pads once again making the model in my opinion. 
The standard pads just lack the gravitas that veterans deserve, these ones fix that. 

The whole squad consists of 6 Thunder Hammer+Storm Shield Terminators and 4 Lightning Claw ones. 
It gives me a good mix of anti-infantry and anti-heavy infantry/tank as well as survivability with a good number of 3++ saves. Basically leaving me with a good all round squad that has excellent staying power. 
The squad sergeant who is in the middle with the cape is meant to be used as either a sergeant here, or when I'm not using all 10, which is most of the time (I usually run 5 to 7 max in normal games) he can be a captain. Hence being so fancy compared to the rest. His claws are actually modified Chaos captain claws reclaimed for the good of the Imperium. The fingers being the claws rather than an attachment just looks way cooler. 

More updates to come on the painting front soon, won't be long before the Stormtalon is complete so stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading, Hatter out. 

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