Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Stormraven and other hobby updates.

Lets be honest here, I haven't painted or built anything in a long long time. I just haven't had to motivation to get it done.

Then I had an absolutely excellent game against my friend James a few weeks back, and wow did it kick start my motors for wanting to get some stuff painted. I don't know why this game specifically did, perhaps because it really was brilliant fun even if I did loose, but it really helped.

It's not that I fell out of love with the hobby or my Ultramarines, I just haven't really been motivated to do anything lately.

But I have my mojo back, and I have been hard at work.
I got to work on my Stormraven and finished her up, pretty happy with the end result. It was a bit of a big one to start back with but fortune favours the bold and all that jazz.
I have painted her up with very little weathering, basically none in fact, as my null deployment drop pod army is themed around being a fresh deployment making planet fall for the first time. And the Techmarines are hardly going to miss a chance to apply a fresh coat of paint between warzones.

After she was all finished up I got to work on my Stormtalon, and also to break things up a bit I've done some work on 4 Assault Terminators I have had undercoated for what feels like an age. 
Got the cockpit of the Talon almost finished, I painted the turret for it up completely and also the glass.
The Terminators heads and shoulder pads are finished as are their bases.
The Terminators themselves have been washed and the silvering done and washed. Just need to add details do some highlights and they can be assembled.

So all in all the last week or so has been extremely fruitful on the hobby front and I am pretty happy with how things are looking. Apparently I haven't lost my mediocre painting skills completely like I thought. Wooo!

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