The Anapnut Dynasty

The Anapnut Dynasty, lead by Phaeron Keksuhad Sekhrey are the masters of space travel and unmatched by any in fleet strength.

From the bridge of the mighty world engine Sekhmit, Keksuhad leads his awakening forces against the vermin that now infest the galaxy.
From the skies his forces fall on a planet, achieving any goal with lightning fast efficiency and destroying all that stand in their way.

Functioning in the same way they have since before they were made immortal, the forces of Keksuhad are not thrown to war with out purpose or with out careful planning.
Never will you see the Phaeron throw away his forces, no, battle to him is like a game. A game of tactics, a game to be won through the might of his forces being guided by a solid mind.

Historical data point
The Anapnut dynasty is a rare thing amongst the many dynasties of the Necrons. They are an almost entirely ship based dynasty, the nobles choosing to rule from massive world engines more akin to metal moons than spaceships.  Each of these ships houses hundreds of thousands of Necrons and is commanded by an Overlord.  Each world engine is supported by a seemingly countless fleet of smaller craft ranging from smaller Dirge escorts to huge Tombships.  All of the Overlords answer to the Anapnut Phaeron Keksuhad Sekhrey. Keksuhad leads his forces from his supreme world engine known as Sekhmit.
The Anapnut dynasty has been a heavily shipped base society well before the biotransference that saw them transformed into the soulless metal beings they are today.
When the Necrontyr first took to the stars it was what would become the Anapnut dynasty that designed the torch-ships to carry them there, combining their knowledge of shipbuilding with that of stasis technology to allow vast distances to be travelled whilst the occupants slumbered.
When Necrontyr colonists started to occupy other worlds the shipwrights and crew never felt comfortable on the surface and so remained aboard their vessels, providing much needed trade and communication with other colonies. Many of these vessels came together forming a space faring society and thus the Anapnut dynasty was founded.

During the first war of secession, rather than fighting for control of planets and systems the Anapnut dynasty remained in space controlling their massive fleets. They raided regions for supplies when needed but due to not getting involved in any major conflict made it through relatively unscathed.
When the War in Heaven began the Anapnut dynasty like most dynasties answered the call from the Triarch and joined the fight against the Old Ones. Their skills as navigators and their massive fleets proving invaluable in the conflict.
By the time the Necrontyr were pushed back and the second iteration of the wars of secession came about the Anapnut dynasty was one of few remaining dynasties with any sort of noteworthy fleet. Making them key potential allies to other dynasties, a fact they didn’t fail to capitalise on. Offering assistance to those who offered them the most in return.  A situation that only helped exacerbate the massive fracturing of the Necrontyr dynasties.

Being such an old dynasty,  Anapnut was one of the first to be approached by the C’tan. What would later become apparent was that the C’tan looked to the Anapnut dynasty, along with the other more powerful dynasties, because they saw the greatest potential gain. A fact that went completely un-noted until it was already much too late….

The Anapnut leaders, and for the most part their people, saw the C’tan as the embodiment of their gods. This coupled with the hatred towards the Old Ones and the longing to destroy them saw that few resisted the offering of immortality, even after seeing the form in which it would take. Thus the major portion of the Anapnut peoples were willingly transferred to their metal shells, most not having enough of their mind left to ever regret that terrible decision once the transfer was complete.

After the biotransference the Nobles of Anapnut came to realise what they had gotten themselves in to. With their minds mostly intact the realisation hit them that they were to live out eternity in a metal shell, stripped of what made them truly alive, their souls. The souls that were now being consumed by the C'tan, who had betrayed their trust in such a way that the wound would never heal.
Yet they, like the silent King they unquestionably followed, knew that they could not possibly hope to defeat the C’tan, the false gods, when they were at the height of their power. And certainly not before the Old Ones were destroyed.

When the time came and the Silent King at last led the Nercrons in revolt the Anapnut ships proved invaluable yet again.
Allowing the huge energy weapons used to shatter the C’tan to be moved and wielding with an ease other dynasties could not hope to match. The conflict saw much of the Anapnut forces destroyed leaving them with only a fragment of their former power.

By the time the Silent King ordered the great slumber all that remained of the Anapnut forces were 12 out of the original 100 World engine vessels and their supporting  fleets, one of which was Sekhmit, Phaeron Keksuhad Sekhrey’s great World engine .
Each of these 12 ships along with their many support craft came together in open space far away from any stellar body or the projected path any would take over the next 60 million years.
The fleet then shut themselves down; sleeping until the time of awakening comes and the Necrons would once again rise to power…….

Phaeron Keksuhad Sekhrey

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