Ultramar Defence Auxilia

Ultramar is not only defended by the Ultramarine Chapter of the Space Marines. Its brave citizens also stand in their own defence.

Macragge 3rd Airborne
Based on the Ultramar Capital Planet of Macragge the Macragge 3rd Airborne are the most well known Airborne division of the Ultramar Defence Auxilia. 
Lead by Air Marshall Victor Kassarin and boasting some of the finest pilots Ultramar has to offer the 3rd are a force to be reckoned with.
3rd Airborne command.
-Air Marshall Victor Kassarin.
-Command Colours Officer Pallin.
-Vox Officer Tillian.
-Heavy Weapons Operators Troopers Kali and Ortan.
-Astropath Zurak.
-Fleet Liaison Jangrel.
-Officers of the Guard Seril and Grimir.

3rd Airborne Airfield Defence Platoon
Company Command Squad
-Commander Calin.
-Chief Commissar Barriatus.
-Colours Officer Carius.
-Vox Officer Varrius.
-Heavy Weapons Operators Troopers Yallin and Bass.

Infantry Squads
-Squad 1, Sergeant Fellin, Vox Officer Serg, Autocannon Team.
-Squad 2, Sergeant Hilok, Vox Officer Quinn, Autocannon Team.
-Squad 3, Sergeant Karris, Vox Officer Arlan, Autocannon Team.
-Squad 4, Sergeant Orlik, Vox Officer Zarl, Autocannon Team.
-Squad 5, Sergeant Yaro, Vox Officer Ninn, Autocannon Team.

Heavy Weapons Teams
-2x Lascannon teams.
-3x Missile Launcher teams.

Special Weapons Teams
-3x Sniper squads.

1st Veteran Squad
-Veteran Sergeant Vere.
-Flame Veterans Hortan, Fairfax and Rooke.

2nd Veteran Squad
-Veteran Sergeant Villiers.
-Flame Veterans Aber, Wolse and Lock.

3rd Veteran Squad
-Veteran Sergeant Gall.
-Melta Veterans Dirk, Milne and Yallid.

1st Specialists, Storm Trooper Squad
-Specialist Sergeant Buller.
-Specialist Melta Troopers Bodan and Rutter.

3rd Airborne Vendetta Support
-3x Vendetta Gunships.

3rd Airborne 1st Armour Sentinel Squadron
3x Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons.

3rd Airborne 2nd Armour Sentinel Squadron
3x Armoured Sentinels with Missile Launchers.

3rd Airborne 1st Vulture Gunships Squadron
-3x Vulture Gunships with Gatling Cannon, IR Targeting and Armoured Cockpit.

3rd Airborne 1st Flak Battery
3x Hydra Flakk Tanks.

3rd Airborne 2nd Flak Battery
3x Hydra Flakk Tanks.

Macragge 3rd Heavy Regiment
Based on the Ultramar Capital Planet of Macragge the Macragge 3rd Heavy Regiment is currently attached to the 3rd Airborne for Airfield Defence and also to support the Airborne divisions infantry in taking and holding ground that the Airborne elements clear out. 
3rd Heavy 1st Leman Russ Brigade
3x Leman Russ Executioners

3rd Heavy 2nd Leman Russ Brigade
3x Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

Sister of Silence
Sister of Silence

Macragge 3rd Artillery Regiment

3rd Artillery 1st Basilisk Battery
3x Basilisks.

3rd Artillery 1st Medusa Battery
3x Medusa.
The rest of the planes I am after are still in thought, although I really want a Marauder Destroyer at some point and likely some Avenger Strike Fighters.

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