The World's Teeth Tribe


Tyrant Bulcrunch ‘Giantbreaker’ Guthammer
Bulcrunch Guthammer became the leader of the Worlds Teeth Tribe after his father, and the previous Tyrant of the tribe, was killed by a rampaging Stonehorn whilst the Tribe were still in the Mountains of Mourn. Bulcrunch and his brother Smashtooth fought for the position and after consuming Smashtooths innards Bulcrunch arose from the pit as Tyrant of the tribe.

Wielding his huge magic warclub ‘smasher’ as if it is as light as a feather Bulcrunch carves his way through his foe. And protected by heavy armour, a greedy fist named ‘gobbler’, a magic gutplate referred to as ‘hammer’(taken from the Tyrants second name) and strange iron icon that seems to reflect large fast moving objects, for example cannonballs, Bulcrunch is hard to take down even when he charges in to the middle of the battle.

Bulcrunch earned the title ‘Giantbreaker’ after successfully beating down a particularly large giant and ‘persuading’ it to attack an Ork camp that was rather inconveniently in the Tribes path. The ensuing madness saw that the giant was very much slain, the Orks were very much squashed, and the Tribes evening meal  considerably larger than they expected.

With great cunning and surprising intelligence, for an Ogre, Bulcrunch leads the tribe on their many travels. Hunting for riches and a better meal where ever they go.

Slaughtermaster Groxhide Gutsquelch

Groxhide is the Tribes chief emissary of the Great Maw and spiritual leader of the tribe. Second in political power only to Bulcrunch, the tribes Tyrant, Groxhide demands great respect from the tribe and no one questions giving him it. In fact most Ogres in the tribe will avoid him for fear a part of them may end up being an ingredient in the Slaughtermasters latest concoction.
Groxhide was destined to be an emissary of the Great Maw from birth; being only 1 day old he turned his mother’s leg to nothing more than boneless meat and consumed it.  His abilities only grew more obvious and more powerful as he aged until the day he out matched every other butcher in the tribe and was granted the title of Slaughtermaster.
Carrying his ‘meat plate’ filled with offerings to the great maw Groxhide is a fearsome combatant.


Bruiser Ug

Ug is the Tyrants personal body guard, as if Bulcrunch really needs one, and is also trusted to carry the tribe’s banner in battle.
Ug was always the biggest in his unit whilst he was amongst the ‘rank and file’ of the tribes fighting force. And it wasn’t long before he became a Crusher and had command of an Ogre unit. But it was when Ug tackled a huge Skaven abomination that was bearing down on Bulcrunch, knocked it down and removed its face that he was given the title of Bruiser and placed with the other Veterans of the Tribe. Over the next few years he proved his gut further and was then allowed to carry the tribe banner.

Butcher Gratface Gubeater
Gratface is an up and coming Butcher who Groxhide has taken a personal interest in. Be it because of his apparently talent with the powers the Great Maw has blessed him with, or because he thinks he may make a tasty snack one day, no one can say.

Firebelly Kharkol Suthand
Kharkol, like all Firebellys, has an almost symbiotic relationship with fire. Having survived the drinking of the Fire Mouths blood many years past Kharkol has honed his skills as a Firebelly and has become one of the greatest Fire Wizards the Ogre race has produced.

Kharkol has become one of Tyrant Bulcrunch's most trusted underlings and holds some sway over the Tyrant despite not being of the Tribe originally, as like all Firebellys he is part of the Fire Mouth Priesthood. Kharkol has not moved on in some time however, as he has become fond of the travelling Worlds Teeth Tribe.


Teefy’s boys
Teefy’s boys are a squad of Ogres under the command of the Crusher Teefy. Teefy is famous in the tribe for the comedic ways he thinks up to kill the enemy; and also for having the worst dental hygiene imaginable, even by Ogre standards.

Rokgut’s Heroes

Rokgut’s Heroes are a squad of Ironguts under the command of Gutlord Rokgut. Of all the Ironguts in the tribe Rokgut regularly wins the frequent rock crushing contests where contestants have to smash rocks with their guts.

Mukface’s trappers
Mukface’s trappers are first amongst the few Gnoblar squads that the World Teeth tribe field. Led by Mukface, a master trapper, who strangely seems to be on the good side of Tyrant Bulcrunch more often than not, he makes up for his lack of strength with deadly traps and underhand tactics.

Grubby’s trappers
Grubby and his trappers are under direct control of Mukface. They are technically part of his unit of Gnoblars but are often sent off on their own to trap other areas of the battlefield.


The Angry Fangs
The Angry Fangs, whose name is not just for fun, are led by Skar who also carries the squad’s standard. Fearsome both on and off the battlefield the squad are used to help with a lot of the tribes hunting.

Captain Bulls Crew
Captain Bulls Crew are a group of Maneaters who left the tribe as youngsters to travel and returned with new skills and tales of adventure and battle. Captain Bull and his fellows ended up sailing the high seas, becoming pirates, successful pirates at that.



Mandy is the name affectionately given to the ironblaster controlled by Lumpy, guided by Gib the Gnoblar and pulled by Terrance the Rhinox. Unusually the crew for this cannon has never changed, never has the Gnoblar been squashed by the Ogre rider or Rhinox, never has the Rhinox been eaten on a hungry night, never has the Ogre been killed in battle or by a missfire (usually caused by the Gnoblars tampering).

A Thundertusk with an anger problem this beasty is ridden by the only two Ogres who she seems to let near her. The brothers Og and Bog. Generally seen charging towards to enemy as fast as possible with an angry frosty glow in her eyes Veronica is not to be crossed.